A Brief History

C:Change Partnership was formed in 1998. It grew out of a series of already established projects that together, united the individuals who would lead the new company, and clarified the beliefs that it would be based upon. These foundations were designed within education and training programmes, delivered to a range of clients who sought to release the potential of their people – students, employees, unemployed – to be more successful in their professional lives.

The working methods that emerged were innovative, highly relevant and became regarded as being fit for purpose wherever they were applied. As a result, the work began to stretch itself into new territory, particularly into the private sector, as well as continuing in the public and charitable fields. This all culminated in C:Change Partnership becoming established as a recognised provider of training and development initiatives based in Leadership, Engagement and Managing Change across the UK, hired to secure real returns on any investment made by our clients.

This confidence in the way that we do business continues to drive the company forward, even in the most challenging environments, seeking to unlock peoples potential and ultimately support their professional performance levels and overall wellbeing.