• Co-operative Supply Chain Logistics

    Six years ago CSCL were struggling with serious problems recruiting and retaining staff. Faced with huge network change and organisational restructures, CSCL approached C:Change to help deliver a culture changing program of People Engagement.

  • The Judges said...

    They (CSCL) overhauled their entire supply chain putting people at the very heart of their strategy and cascading it down to every level of the organisation. They achieved impressive results, including improved availability, greater flexibility, ensuring their stores get the best service.

Some of the great people we've worked with.

Macmillan Cancer Support

C:Change has developed a long term relationship with the nationwide cancer support charity Macmillan, through the delivery of a seminar programme to all post holders.

"The day was a huge success 'Thank You' very much. The day was exactly what I was hoping for. You planned the day to suit our needs which was fantastic and you also toned it throughout the day on the feedback you were getting from us so you kept it moving and you kept everyone involved (even the sceptics!). Not only that, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, even though it was hard work and every minute was packed to the full. The team talked about the day a lot that evening and I heard nothing but praise for the content and your facilitation skills. I heard several people say how it had challenged them to think again or to think about things differently and how they would now take time to reflect on the day to see how they could incorporate various aspects into their everyday practice. Certainly as a team we are intending to write up our flip chart notes and create a document around communication that we will all sign up to. Not only that, but the whole mood of the meeting was different the next day - you had 'inspired' us and got people enthusiastic about what they are doing and about what they could be doing in the future. We gained hugely from the content and techniques you shared with us, but also from the positive team building that working together, under your facilitation, gave. If you ever need to give contact names for people as references, I would be more than happy to talk to people considering using you for the first time. I certainly would strongly recommend you to anyone who said to me they were looking for someone to run a team building day for them. I hope we can come back to you again in the future, but in the mean time I am looking forward to seeing how we incorporate the ideas and techniques into our team. I will certainly be working hard to ensure we keep talking things through and keep using the day as time goes on. 'Thank You' so much for your input - I am sure it is going to have a positive and lasting impact."

Blythe House Hospice

C:Change was invited by Blythe House Hospice to deliver a training event over 5 days. We worked closely with the team of 40 staff members creating Insights Discovery Profiles to allow more effective interactions and organisational growth.

"I was delighted that the day fulfilled my expectations and everyone's who attended. I've had many people comment on how much they enjoyed the day; how much they learnt; their views on their profiles (mostly positive and to be used as a development tool but some still lacking in insight with potential blind spots that will hopefully be addressed in the ongoing follow up groups) and how well facilitated they thought the day was. The composition of the day, with short, focused sessions with one-on-one and group sessions worked very well and held attention. The build up to distribution of individual profiles was well timed. Overall, a great day, really well planned and executed, thank you Jim." - Sheila Tyler commenting on an Insights Discovery ProfileĀ® staff training day Blythe House Hospice Director