How well connected are your people to the Vision and Objectives of your business? Do they feel able to present their views through consultation and discussion? How open is the organisation to channelling these views and responding with feedback for overall business effectiveness?

Plan Do Review

Using the simple formula of Plan Do Review we seek to stimulate the effectiveness of your people and the business by building initiatives that reconnect, communicate and engage. We’ll help you create a quality management system for Engagement to suit your needs. Along the way, your organisation will see its engagement results improve and, if it chooses, it will be in a position to enhance its performance by securing the Investors in People standard.

PR & Communications Programmes

We work with you to deliver high quality tools that help you to communicate with your people. We find ways to connect your workforce to the core objectives of the business. This may take the form of an employee-branding movie (see above) as part of a wider strategy for getting your people on board. For more information on our work with Cooperative Supply Chain Logistics visit the Case Studies page.

Action Plans

Improving the performance of your people and the business that you run may require a sustained effort. The best returns are delivered through an agreed Action Plan which is monitored and tracked over time. The value to you and your business will be seen through key indicators – performance, productivity, absence and staff retention, the key measurables of success and a committed and motivated workforce.