Health & Wellbeing

Forward-thinking organisations look to the health and well-being of their people. We are qualified to offer you specifically designed health or ‘wellness’ programmes, created to boost the wellbeing of your people, their energy levels and commitment to your organisation. If your team is fit, open to communication and cares about it's health, the performances that you require will be more naturally sustained.

Personalised Health Coaching

Do any of your staff require help with their overall health and lifestyle? We are qualified to offer personalised coaching programmes, designed to suit the needs of the individual. We’ll support them to take up the health challenge and see it though to secure the end results, for everyone's benefit.

Team Wellbeing

No matter the size of your team, we can provide you with ideas and direction as to its development through health seminars, peer awareness programmes, nutritional guidance and education, all bespoke and tailored to suit the specific needs of the team and its individual members.

Sports Coaching

How actively involved is your team in sports participation? Read how we have coached individuals to enhance their sports performance levels through fitness, nutrition and mental agility programmes within the Making the Team initiative.

‘I’ve worked with C:Change for many years to keep on top of my game. It’s been a huge boost to maintaining and driving my performance and consistency levels as a professional footballer’. Danny Schofield.