Leadership Development

Any successful organisation, no matter its size or structure, is driven by high quality leadership. We help our clients secure the best leadership and management skills by designing bespoke programmes to suit their needs and deliver real returns. Your leadership team will feel refreshed, re-energised and refocussed in order to take your organisation to the next level.

Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery® is a powerful preference-based system which has impacted upon thousands of lives worldwide. The 25 question online evaluator helps individuals better understand themselves and others and enables more effective interaction and organisational growth. Feedback can be provided either one to one or at a team day or workshop. The results can be used to initiate ongoing learning and development. View a sample Profile. C:Change is a qualified licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery®

Team Building & Motivation Programmes

How strong are your teams? At what levels are they operating? Who is communicating and how effectively? We’ll unlock what is working well and what requires development. We’ll help establish clear working agreements between individuals and across departments; we’ll set up a consistent behavioural framework for all parties; we’ll recognise best practice and share it throughout the organisation.

Coaching for Individuals & Teams

Once any team has started to change and develop it requires momentum to deliver longer term advantage and consistency. We provide coaching and supporting opportunities that are built around the day-to-day operation of your business, designed to secure the most return with the least cost and disturbance. This process ensures that your teams are provided with continuity and direction to achieve their maximum potential.